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About us

       Bearing large new building materials co., LTD., established in zhaoqing city2006Years, Is a professional committed to the international domestic current stones metal tile roofing system materials research and development, Production,Sales, Construction as a whole, Has a complete production system of factory in China,Production base is located in zhaoqing city, guangdong province, foreign investment to high bay town industrial park,Area 14900 Square meters,Daily production capacity is up to 8000 Square(In total16000 Slice)The above,For domestic colored stone material large manufacturing base metal tile roof system。 

      At present“Wiener steel tile”  “ SUNSTONE -ROOF “ Is the market of high-end brand at home and abroad, Product quality is reliable, InternationalSGS,TUV,CE Certification of quality,Is a high-end steel structure,Wood structure,Concrete,Senior center,The real estate brand,Slope room image upgrade of roofing materials, Provide not only beautiful,Energy saving, High-end and fashion sense, Also can increase the project administrative levels and added value,But the bigger save construction and maintenance costs。

       With technology as the basis,Customer service for the purpose。The company has business10Years of professional and technical, Production,Sales, Construction personnel,The proportion of company 70%The above,Can provide customers with comprehensive professional technology, Construction and after-sales support,Participate in the domestic and foreign many well-known project construction and construction,Light roof system solutions for trust and demand of the customers,Also for the industry has accumulated valuable experience, The company is committed to cooperate with new and old customers,Create a better future under the blue sky white cloud。 





Zhaoqing city, guangdong province, foreign investment to high bay town industrial park

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